Terry : Zimbra System Directory Tree

Zimbra System Directory Tree

The following table lists the main directories created by the Zimbra installation packages.

The directory organization is the same for any server in the ZCS, installing under /opt/zimbra.

Note: The directories not listed in this table are libraries used for building the core Zimbra software or miscellaneous third-party tools.

/opt/zimbra Created by all ZCS installation packages
 bin/ZCS Application files, including the CLI utilities
 cdpolicydPolicy functions, throttling
 clamavClam AV application files for virus and spam controls
 conf/Configuration information
 contrib/3rd-party scripts for conveyance
 converted/Convert service
 cyrus-sasl/SASL AUTH daemon
 data/includes data directories for LDAP, mailboxd, postfix, amavisd, calamav
 db/Data Store
 docs/SOAP txt files and technical txt files
 dspam/DSPAM antivirus
 extensions-extra/Server extensions for different authentication types
 extensions-network-extraServer extensions for different network version authentication types
 httpd/Contains the Apache HTTP Server, used for both aspell and convertd as separate processes
 index/Index store
 java/Contains Java Application files
 jettymailboxd application server instance. In this directory the webapps/zimbra/skins directory includes the Zimbra UI themes
 libexec/Internally used executables
 log/Local logs for ZCS server application
 logger/RRD and SQLite data files for logger services
 mysql/MySQL Database files
 net-snmp/Used for collecting statistics
 openldap/OpenLDAP server installation, pre-configured to work with ZCS
 postfix/Postfix server installation, pre-configured to work with ZCS
 redolog/Contains current transaction logs for ZCS
 snmp/SNMP monitoring files
 store/Message store
 zimbramon/Contains control scripts and Perl modles
 zimlets/Contains Zimlet zip files that are installed with Zimbra
 zimlets-deployed/Contains Zimlets that are available with the Zimbra Web Client
 zmstat/mailboxd statistics are saved as .csv files

From ZCS Administrator's Guide - Open Source Edition.