Terry : Upgrade GitLab From 6.5 To 6.6

GitLab 6.5

v 6.6.0

  • Retrieving user ssh keys publically(github style): http://__HOST__/__USERNAME__.keys
  • Permissions: Developer now can manage issue tracker (modify any issue)
  • Improve Code Compare page performance
  • Group avatar
  • Pygments.rb replaced with highlight.js
  • Improve Merge request diff store logic
  • Improve render performnace for MR show page
  • Fixed Assembla hardcoded project name
  • Jira integration documentation
  • Refactored app/services
  • Remove snippet expiration
  • Mobile UI improvements (Drew Blessing)
  • Fix block/remove UI for admin::users#show page
  • Show users' group membership on users' activity page (Robert Djurasaj)
  • User pages are visible without login if user is authorized to a public project
  • Markdown rendered headers have id derived from their name and link to their id
  • Improve application to work faster with large groups (100+ members)
  • Multiple emails per user
  • Show last commit for file when view file source
  • Restyle Issue#show page and MR#show page
  • Ability to filter by multiple labels for Issues page
  • Rails version to 4.0.3

v 6.6.1

  • Fix 500 error on files tab if submodules presents

v 6.6.2

  • Fix 500 error on branch/tag create or remove via UI

Upgrade Steps

Refer to previous upgrade guides


NOTE: Now you can use the GitLab Upgrader to do the upgrade!