Terry : Upgrade GitLab From 6.4 To 6.5

GitLab 6.5

v 6.5.0
  • Dropdown menus on issue#show page for assignee and milestone (Jason Blanchard)
  • Add color custimization and previewing to broadcast messages
  • Fixed notes anchors
  • Load new comments in issues dynamically
  • Added sort options to Public page
  • New filters (assigned/authored/all) for Dashboard#issues/merge_requests (sponsored by Say Media)
  • Add project visibility icons to dashboard
  • Enable secure cookies if https used
  • Protect users/confirmation with rack_attack
  • Default HTTP headers to protect against MIME-sniffing, force https if enabled
  • Bootstrap 3 with responsive UI
  • New repository download formats: tar.bz2, zip, tar (Jason Hollingsworth)
  • Restyled accept widgets for MR
  • SCSS refactored
  • Use jquery timeago plugin
  • Fix 500 error for rdoc files
  • Ability to customize merge commit message (sponsored by Say Media)
  • Search autocomplete via ajax
  • Add website url to user profile
  • Files API supports base64 encoded content (sponsored by O'Reilly Media)
  • Added support for Go's repository retrieval (Bruno Albuquerque)

v 6.5.1

  • Fix branch selectbox when create merge request from fork

Upgrade Steps

0. Backup

cd /home/git/gitlab
sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:backup:create RAILS_ENV=production

1. Stop server

sudo service gitlab stop

2. Get latest code

GitLab Community Edition

cd /home/git/gitlab
sudo -u git -H git fetch
sudo -u git -H git checkout 6-5-stable

3. Update gitlab-shell (and its config)

cd /home/git/gitlab-shell
sudo -u git -H git fetch
sudo -u git -H git checkout v1.8.0

4. Install libs, migrations, etc.

cd /home/git/gitlab 
sudo -u git -H bundle install --without development test postgres --deployment
# PostgreSQL
sudo -u git -H bundle install --without development test mysql --deployment
# Run database migrations
sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
# Clean up assets and cache
sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake assets:clean assets:precompile cache:clear RAILS_ENV=production
# Update init.d script
sudo cp lib/support/init.d/gitlab /etc/init.d/gitlabĀ 

5. Start the application

sudo service gitlab start
sudo service nginx restartĀ 

6. Check application status

Check if GitLab and its environment are configured correctly

sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:env:info RAILS_ENV=production

More thorough check

sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production

All green is good!