Terry : Oracle Linux

Oracle Enterprise Linux has been renamed to Oracle Linux on Oracle OpenWorld 2010.

Difference between Oracle Enterprise Linux and CentOS

  1. OEL is free like CentOS
  2. CentOS is community maintained, there is uncertainty
  3. Centos is slow to release update releases, eg Red Hat have released RHEL 5.4 a few weeks back, Oracle released OEL5.4 a couple weeks back, CentOS is yet to release CentOS 5.4
  4. OEL is commercially supported, 50% cheaper than the equivalent offerings from Red Hat

Note: OEL DVD images are available on eDelievery.


Public YUM offers only packages updates between releases, for example OEL 5u4 for previous releases. While no package updates between OEL 5u4 and OEL 5u5 will be provided.

More information

Oracle Linux

Oracle internal ULN (Unbreakable Linux Network) repository

ULN Internal Access: The Unbreakable Linux Network - For use within the Oracle Intranet only. Install this package to access the ULN network from within the intranet.

Download the ULN internal setup RPM package for your distribution and version and install using rpm -ivh command.

Free updates and errata for Oracle Linux

Free updates and errata for Oracle Linux



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