Terry : Gentoo

Package Management

Install package

emerge packagename

To install a package and update all packages it depends on:

emerge -u package

To update a package, all packages it depends on and all packages they depend on (--deep, just about everything):

emerge -uD package

Uninstall a program package:

emerge -C package

Search for packages (package names only):

emerge -s keyword

Search for packages (using their description):

emerge -S keyword

To sync your local list for available packages with the latest portage tree:

emerge sync

Only fetch sourcefiles

Only downloads (--fetchonly) archive (and dependencies), don’t build it:

emerge -f package

Update the entire system

You can at any point upgrade everything to the lastest available version. All it takes is (--update --deep):

emerge -uD world

VMWare Workstation install

Detect the network adaptor

modprobe pcnet32

manually config eth0

ifconfig eth0 ip broadcast ip netmask up
route add default gw gateway

edit /etc/resolv.conf for DNS server entries