Terry : Capistrano

What is Capistrano?

Capistrano is a utility and framework for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines, via SSH. It uses a simple DSL (borrowed in part from Rake) that allows you to define tasks, which may be applied to machines in certain roles. It also supports tunneling connections via some gateway machine to allow operations to be performed behind VPN's and firewalls.

Capistrano was originally designed to simplify and automate deployment of web applications to distributed environments, and originally came bundled with a set of tasks designed for deploying Rails applications.




In general, you'll use Capistrano as follows:

  • Create a recipe file ("capfile" or "Capfile").
  • Use the cap script to execute your recipe.

Use the cap script as follows:

cap sometask

By default, the script will look for a file called one of capfile or Capfile. The someaction text indicates which task to execute. You can do "cap -h" to see all the available options and "cap -T" to see all the available tasks.