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July 8th, 2013

@mitchellh I've known Packer for a while ;-) Plan to read all docs, understand its use cases and get my hands dirty this week;-)

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D'Zolve Pie & Pastry Cafe 光顾一下朋友的店,在 Chatswood 办公区地段不错,店面很大,咖啡味道不错,打个软广告,囧 pic.twitter.com/4dkUM4pA1N

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Where to find base boxes: 1. vagrantbox.es 2. @opscode bento 3. Ubuntu Cloud Images for Vagrant

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@number5 It's been there for 6 months, NOT promoted officially. But listed on vagrantbox.es ;-) I found opscode bento more useful anyway.

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